Tag: Mayonnaise Recipes

Spinach Dip Recipe

Preparation time : 5 mins This is a low fat spinach dip recipe since cream is not used for making this dip. Sauce prepared by mayonnaise and yogurt makes this dip light yet healthy so that you take it with other snacks without...

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Burger Sauce

Preparation time : 10 mins. This burger sauce has lots of flavor including, sweet, sour and bit spicy which makes your burger more tasteful. This sauce is not only used for burgers but can also use it with sandwiches....

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Seafood Salad Recipe

Preparation time : 10 mins + 1 hr. Referigeration time : Serve 4 persons This Seafood Salad Recipe is a quite different salad recipe. It contains shredded shrimp meat with vegetables. You may also add other seafood flavor like...

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