Tag: Orange Recipes

Orange Cake Recipe

Preparation time : 90 mins | Serves 8 persons This orange cake is prepared with more or less same method as other cakes like carrot cake, marble cake, etc. The only difference in flavor, and the glaze prepared for this orange...

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Meal Ideas – White Meal Meal Idea

Preparation time : 90 mins | Serves 4 persons This meal idea consists of an appetizer soup with main serving items are shrimp fried rice and orange chicken and this meal is completed with a delicious lemon cream cake. Appetizer:...

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Orange Chicken Recipe

Preparation time : 35 minutes | Serves for 4 persons This orange chicken recipe has all the basic flavors including orange and lemon taste which is a bit sour, sweetness due to brown sugar and red chili flakes for making it...

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