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Month: January 2009

Grilled Vegetables

Preparation time : 30-40 mins | Serve 4 persons Healthy eating plan involves careful selection of healthy foods, cooking and eating in a way that does not effect our health. Vegetables are one of the best sources of nutrition and making a veggie meal on a cooking grill helps retain its vital nutrients. This grilled vegetables recipe is a healthy meal for all ages and it cooks quite easily too. Ingredients: 1 cup tomato (seeded and cut in square pieces) 1 cup capsicum (cut in square pieces) 1 cup mushrooms (cut in large pieces) 1 cabbage (separate its layers...

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Salsa Recipe

Preparation time 20 mins | Serves for 2 persons Salsa is one of those healthy foods that can also be used as stuffing or filling. Although salsa is a bit spicy but due to the presence of various healthy vegetables, this meal becomes full of nutrition and it is also one of those healthy meals that cooks quite easily without much hassle. So this recipe is a must addition to your personalized diet plans and if you want to add additional vegetables to the salsa then you must try arrabiata sauce which is also a kind of salsa. Ingredients:...

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Cheese Ball Recipe

Preparation time : 30 mins | Serves 6 persons Cheese balls is a healthy and quick meal prepared usually with the help of different kind of stuffing. For example mixture of different types of cheese along with some spices are wrapped in roll strips and then either stir or deep fried but this is a different cheese ball recipe in which only cheddar cheese with mashed potatoes, pea mixture is used and it cooks very easily with very little effort. It has very little spices. It is a healthy meal full of nutrition and I always enjoy cooking these...

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Creamed Potatoes

Preparation time 25 mins | Serves for 4 persons Creamed potatoes is a quick meal and is very easy to cook in very short period. This recipe is one of those healthy meals that is neither low fat, nor low carb so it is not recommended for those how have set themselves up to loose weight.Other that this, it is one of easiest side dishes served with any fast food meal like zinger burger. Its very healthy meal specially for children as it contains lots of carbohydrates and can also be used as sandwich stuffingIngredients: 3 big potatoes1/2 tbspn...

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Mutton Curry Recipe

Preparation time : 45 mins | Serves 4 persons When making curries, I most of time time select mutton since it has low calories and requires lesser cooking time as compared to beef. In many European cuisines, mutton is roasted or taken in chops as a meal but in South Asian cuisine different types of mutton curries are cooked and this mutton curry recipe is one them which is very delicious, easy to make and considered as healthy meals. Ingredients:300 gms mutton pieces2 big onions (julienne)3 medium size tomatoes (chopped)1 tbspn garlic paste1 tbspn ginger paste1 tspn rec chili...

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Meatballs Recipe

Preparation time : 30 mins | Serves 10 persons Usually beef is used in this meatballs recipe but you can try this with mutton or chicken as well. It can be taken as a snack or can be served with other regular meal items. This meatball recipe is in contrast with fried meatballs which is generally cooked with gravy and is called “Koftey” in Indian and Pakistani Cuisines. It is a healthy meal and also quite easy to cook. Ingredients : ½ kg boneless fresh beef (small pieces) 1 boiled potato 2 tbspn roasted gram flour  (roasted besan) 1...

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Chicken Spaghetti

Preparation time : 30 mins | Serves for 4 persons Spaghetti is a kind of pasta that is longer an thinner than pasta and is use in various Italian cooking recipes. Other than Italian foods, a variety of different meals are prepared by cooking pasta in combination with meat, cheese, vegetables etc. In this recipe of chicken spaghetti, chicken is used to give extra flavor with the spaghetti. Ingredients:250gms boneless chicken (cut into small julienne)2 small cloves garlic (finely chopped)1/2 cup chicken stock1 tspn oregano1 tspn rose merry1/2 tspn red chili flakes (crushed)1 tspn white pepper1 tbspn soya sauce2...

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Sweet Potato Recipe

Preparation time : 30 mins. | Serves for 6 persons Sweet potato is a must for diabetics and should be included in diabetic diets as it is one of those healthy foods which is rich in fiber, protein, iron, vitamin and calcium and it also helps in stabilizing blood sugar level. Sweet potatoes are full of nutrition and are quick meals when it comes to easy cooking. The best way to cook sweet potatoes is to bake or roast them because in this way its natural taste is retained. Sweet potato fries are also very popular among youngsters and...

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