People who are running small scale restaurants usually looking for optimum kitchen appliances which should be:

  • Economical
  • Space saving
  • Deliver excellent result with long lasting life

Here in this article we have presented three best selling Commercial Deep Fryers of 2013, which is the must needed item for any fast food restaurants. These fryers fulfill all the above three basic requirement of the restaurant owner.

10-lb Commercial Deep Fryer
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10 lb Tank Capacity Deep Fryer From Waring

Waring Commercial WDF1000 is one of the fryer among the best Commercial Deep Fryers 2013 list which has capacity of 10-lb oil which can produce up to 20 lb fries/hour. You can fry any kind of fast food in this deep fryer which are fried in deep oil. All you can do with this Waring Deep Fryer are listed as under:

1. It is supplied with two types of basket with removable handles;

  • Single basket having capacity to handle 20-lb weight of frying food.
  • Twin baskets for carrying two different frying items. This method not only saves cooking time for frying small quantity items but also makes shorter your delivery time and improves your restaurant service.

2. It is designed with stainless steel outer body and inner tank with removable assembly, so easy to clean. The external gripper makes convenient for moving.
3. In addition with temperature control knob (Max. limit up to 390 F), an extra 30-minutes timer knob is also provided to give alert about completion of frying time.
4. On the other hand, electrical specs include; 120 volt AC, 15 ampere, 1800 watts power rating.
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Generic Brand Commercial Deep Fryer
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13.2-lb Tank Capacity Deep Fryer

This deep fryer is not manufactured by renowned brand but it is one of the best model among the Commercial Deep Fryers. It can fry around 26-pounds of food/hour, thus suitable for commercial applications. Other features that make it unique from other deep fryers include:

1. Heavy duty stainless steel body
2. Lit cover is provided for safety purpose so that oil would not splash out on your body while frying.
3. Some interesting items are also provided with this deep fryer which include; French Fries Chip Scoop with handle protection and Scouring Pads for easy cleaning.
4. Residual plate is also attached for filtering out the dregs.
5. Electrical Specs: 2500 Watt power supply, operates at 110V AC.
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Large Commercial Deep Fryer
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Masterbuilt Butterball Professional Series Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer

From the title of this fryer series it sounds that these are only designed for frying turkey only but this actually not the case. The name is given only to show that it can handle large amount of food to fry, so it is easy to understand that how much weight these fryers can carry. This Butterball Commercial deep Fryer comes in two sizes ; large (fry 14-lb turkey) and X-large (fry 14-lb turkey). The stunning features are:

1. Consume 33% less oil than other professional fryers.
2. Stainless steel outside body with porcelain-coated inner tank.
3. Temperature ranges up to 375 degrees F with timer beep.
4. Auto Shutdown feature works when temperature goes too high.
5. For hygienic use, it has built-in filter to reduce cooking odors and drain valve for easy cleaning.
6. Electrical note: 1,650-watt electric heating element with a hideaway storage compartment for power cord.
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