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You are on this page because you are looking for a diet plan that has proven to work. It doesn’t matter whether you are a figure model, runway model, fitness model or even a super model. Careful selection of diet menu plans is essential to remain in desired shape.

The top problems with most of the advised model diets is that you get bored with them in just a few days. But the secret diet plan that I am going to share with you is entirely differently in terms of both taste and nutrition and both are extremely essential to remain healthy and fit. Before getting started there are few menu items that you are advised to stay away from at all costs. Some of them I have listed below.

Menu Plans to Avoid


Artificial Sweeteners : The top reason to avoid putting artificial sweeteners in your food is because it offers zero nutritional value and it does not take long when you realize that you are addicted to it. Research has also indicated that long term use of such artificial flavors can lead to some serious health risks. After all artificial sweetener is a chemical and nothing else.

Gluten : I am pretty sure you have heard a lot about this term but if not then you should know that gluten is found in grains particularly in wheat, rye as well as barley and if it is not possible to stay away from menus containing it then it is best to keep your gluten intake to a bare minimum. Unless mentioned to be gluten-free you should avoid breads, cakes, pies, cookies, crackers, pastas, salad dressings, sauces etc

Fast Fat Food : It is very easy to get obsessed with fast food these days. All the burgers and fries, all the sauces and pastas, all the friend fish and chicken is nothing but a perfect recipe for disaster and should be avoided at all costs specially during the fitness training or competition seasons as they have the tendency to put on fat pretty fast that is why I call them fast fat food.

Any other packaged synthetic food items that is not organic nor in natural form, should also be avoided. The world does not end here as you can enjoy the same taste from several other menu items that I will reveal later in this article so keep reading.

Model Friendly Diet

bikini model cookbook


You would be surprised to know that all the diet menus that contain a lot of fat producing ingredients and offer low nutritional value can be replaced with all natural ingredients that offer up to 70% less amount of fat and taste as good as the real menu.

Think about waking up in the morning and having delicious old fashioned pancakes along with Mexican omelet without worrying about effecting your fitness routine. Then having all sorts of healthy salads and salsas with your choice of seafood, vegetables or chicken & turkey. Taking as much healthy and good carbohydrates is also essential and that should also be included in your food plan. This all is possible if you follow the simple and secret tips that I am about to reveal below.

Ultimate Model Diet Plan


Now that you have some indication about what a model diet should and should not include, I would emphasize on one more thing which is to have your diet menu prepared in your own kitchen to be sure that it contains all the essential ingredients that are required in a model diet plan.

There is however one little problem and it is that no one would like to share its secret diet plan and to say the least there aren’t many model diet plans available that contains hundreds of model friendly recipes that you can prepare all year long without compromising on health, taste and pleasure.

One diet plan that we have tried and tested ourselves and has worked all the time is the Bikini model Cookbook . It has 200+ tasty yet fitness friendly recipes for all day menus such as breakfast, snacks, shakes, salads, salsas, soups, seafood, chicken, turkey, beef, carbohydrate along with some delicious desserts and treats .

This diet plan is prepared by someone who has years of experience in the fitness and training industry and with minor adjustments, this plan serves both males and females equally. I recommend that you grab your copy today by CLICKING HERE or the banner below.

model cookbook