mexican-cornbreadPreparation time : 70 mins. (approx.) | Serves 4-6 persons

This Mexican Corn Bread is prepared with ground beef which is sandwiched between corn bread. This bread has lots of flavor including beef, corns, cheese and peppers and all combine to give delicious cornbread.


1 lb ground beef
2 cloves garlic (minced)
1 tsp ginger (minced)
2 tbsp oil
8 oz cheddar cheese
1 can creamed corn
3 jalapeno peppers (chopped)
1 onion
1 cup buttermilk
2 eggs
1 cup cornmeal


1. In a saucepan, fry beef with ginger and garlic in oil and cook till gets brown, then remove it from heat.
2. In a mixing bowl, combine cornmeal, buttermilk, eggs, corn, and peppers.
3. Take a deep baking dish, pour half of the cornmeal batter into dish, then make a layer of each ground beef, cheese, and onions and then pour remaining cornmeal mix on top.
4. Place the dish in preheated oven for 50 mins. at 350 degree F.

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