creepy halloween cupcakesPreparation time : 50 min.

These are creepy Halloween cupcakes specially prepared for kids party. In this recipe some techniques of making different faces are given which you can apply for making rest of the faces as mentioned in the photo of this recipe.


Vanilla frosting of different colors
Chocolate frosting
Colorful sprinkles
Red or chocolate whip licorice


Mummy Cupcakes:

Fill the piping bag with white vanilla frosting and attach the flat shape nozzle to the bag. Squeeze the icing on the muffin in zigzag pattern leaving center portion, place the small red candy in the center to make eyes of mummy.

Spider Cupcakes:

Apply thin layer of chocolate frosting on top of muffin, spread chocolate sprinkles over the whole frosting. Place two red candies for eyes in the lower side of upper surface and insert 3 chocolate whip licorices on each side of eyes.

Spider Web Cupcakes:

Make thin layer of white vanilla frosting on the top of muffin, using piping bag of small nozzle tip make circles of chocolate frosting and pass the knife edge over these circles at equal distances. It will look like spider web.

Cat Cupcakes:

Take chocolate muffin and spread chocolate fudge frosting on it. Drop two spots of white vanilla frosting at upper side of the chocolate frosting and then place two red candies as eye balls of cat. Place different color of candy in the center for marking as nose and then apply orange vanilla frosting in thread like patterns for mustache around the nose. Similarly make mouth of cat using orange frosting.

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