pumpkin cakePreparation time : 60 min. | Serves 6-8 persons

This pumpkin cake recipe is specially prepared for Halloween so that you can easily make homemade treats at home and enjoy the great holiday with your family.


Chocolate cake
Vanilla frosting


1. To prepare this recipe, bake chocolate cake in two Bundt pans.
2. When cakes are ready cool them to room temperature and cut the base of each cake so that they become flat and easily stay at platter.
3. After that overlap the two cakes in such a way that one of the flat portion should lie at bottom and other’s flat part at top.
4. Now pour the prepared vanilla frosting for the cake, add some orange food color to the frosting to give it pumpkin color.
5. Take marzipan stem and fix it at the center after setting the frosting, you may also decorate it with some edible leaves which are easily available at bakery shops.

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