Club SandwichPreparation time : 20 mins | Serves 2 persons

This is an exciting turkey sandwich recipe in which you may easily make changes according to your need by eliminating or adding the stuffing of each layer except turkey layer which is the main layer of this sandwich. This would be one of the best item for Christmas tea party.


1 cup mayonnaise
1/2 cup creamy mashed potatoes
1 turkey roast breast (shredded)
2 boiled eggs (make small pieces)
1/2 cup cranberry sauce (optional)
2 large white breads (remove corners and cut into triangular shape)
Lettuce leaves as required
Tomato slices as required


1. Mix boiled eggs in half cup mayonnaise in a bowl.
2. Take a triangular piece of bread and coat the mayo egg mixture onto it.
3. Now take another piece and make layer of creamy mashed potatoes.
4. In another mixing bowl combine turkey roast breast with remaining mayonnaise.
5. Coat the turkey mixture onto another piece of bread.
6. In the end, spread cranberry sauce onto the last piece of bread.
7. Now arrange the above bread pieces onto one another in such a way that after every layer place lettuce leave and tomato slices and in the end cover the top layer with bread piece.


Serve this exotic turkey sandwich onto a beautiful platter with some green lettuce.