Crockpot Hook-Up

This Hook Up Connectable Entertaining System is designed for a new generation crockpots by Crock-Pot. This Crock-Pot Hook Up is a multipurpose crockpot which can be used stand alone or in group which is its main unique feature. The Crock-Pot Hook Up system is designed in such a way that multiple modules can be connected with each other using connecting outlet and only one module is needed to plug into the socket, as shown in figure.

Crock-pot Hook Up Connection

In this way you can connect up to six units together with the use of only one power outlet. All this setup of Crock-Pot Hook Up is achieved by a special cord that pulls out to use with standard outlets or stores inside the base to connect multiple units together. You can also keep distance in between each unit for that you need to use the power cord which can be pulled further out from the unit’s base to create more space in between each unit, as shown in figure

Crockpot Wired Connection

Lets have a look at the modules that are used to connect in the system; these modules are available in three different sizes:

  • Two, 1 Qt. crockpots module
  • One 2 Qt. crockpot module
  • One 3.5 Qt. crockpot module

When you have dinner party at your home, then this Crock-Pot Hook Up system would be one of the best choice for serving foods. You can use 1 Qt. module for serving appetizers, while the larger crockpot module can be used for soups, rice, stew, etc.

As far as the material of crockpot bowl is concerned, it is a oval and round shaped stoneware crock that works well for cooking and heating both. The Dial is attached at the module front that controls the temperature to three different settings – high, low, and warm.

1 qt. double


2 qt. round


3 qt. oval


Shape Oval Round Oval
Capacity 1 quart (2 quarts total) 2 quarts 3.5 quarts
Color Metallic Charcoal, Metallic Copper, Metallic Red Metallic Red Metallic Charcoal, Metallic Copper
Price $49.94 $55.99 $49.99 For Metallic Charcoal
$54.21 for Metallic Copper
Free Shipping Yes Yes Yes
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