Baked mango custard
Preparation time : 25 mins + Chill time | Serves for 4-6 persons

This a different recipe of custard in which homemade custard batter is baked to make this delicious dessert. In this recipe of baked custard mango is used to give extra flavor you can also use other fruits as well but make sure that the fruit should not be juicy otherwise your custard would not look good. This recipe of custard is quick and very easy that anyone can make it easily.


1 medium size mango
1/2 cup milk
4 egg yolks
200 ml whip cream
1 cup Sugar or as required

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1. In a large mixing bowl, beat egg yolks using electric beater for 3-4 minutes until all the egg yolks break and mix together to form thick liquid.
2. Now add milk to the yolks and beat for a minute.
3. Similarly add sugar and cream to the yolk mixture and beat for 5 minutes to make fluffy smooth batter.
4. In the end just mix the mango pieces in the batter and pour the batter in the suitable baking molds.
5. In a preheated oven place the custard bowl and bake it for 8-10 minutes at 180 degree centigrade until it becomes light golden in color.
6. After that take out the mold from the oven and let it cool at room temperature, then place it in fridge to chill. Yummy baked mango custard is ready to serve.