Cassata-CakePreparation time : 30 mins. + Freezing time

This cassata cake is prepared with different flavor of layered ice cream of your own choice and is topped with creamy nuts and raisins mixture. The amount of the ingredients is not mentioned in the recipe as it depends upon the size of your loaf pan or any other cake pan of your choice, so take the amount of ice creams accordingly.


Vanilla ice cream as required
Mango ice cream as required
Chocolate ice cream as required
Whipped cream


1. Take a loaf pan of your choice, make a layer of mango ice cream at the bottom (make sure ice cream is well freezed otherwise it will start melting and you need to put the loaf in freezer to set it).
2. Then similarly, make layer of chocolate and vanilla ice cream and freeze it for few mins. to set.
3. meanwhile take a cup of whipped cream, add in icing sugar if necessary, then fold it with currants, raisins and nuts. Spread this cream mixture onto the top of ice cream loaf and cover it tightly before putting it in freezer otherwise hard crystals of ice would form. Put the loaf pan in freezer for a day or two.
4. Then slightly dip the loaf pan in tap water so that ice cream would easily come out and then cut into slices. Delicious cassata cake is ready to serve with chocolate sauce topping.

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