Crispy Chicken Meal
Preparation time : 2 hrs (approx) | Serves 4 persons

A complete meal idea already thought out for your family containing nutritous contents in the form of chicken meat, vegetables and fruits. This meal is specially suggested for kids as they usually enjoy this type of food when they eat at fast food restaurants.

Main Dish
Crispy Fired Chicken
Crispy Chicken
Nothing gets the attention of kids as well as adults like a yummy fried chicken.

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Side Dishes
Crispy French Fries
French Fried
Kids will love it.[view recipe]
Cole Slaw, Salad
Cole Slaw
This is a yummy kfc style cole slaw recipe.[view recipe]

Delicious Trifle
To end the meal with a dessert, serve this triffle which is rich in fruit nutrtion and will add life to your meal.[view recipe]