2 Piece Carving Set


Today we have in our product spotlight, Cuisinart 2 piece carving set. This carving knife set is rated as one of the top selling carving set because of its elegant appearance, sharpness and ease of use. Continue reading below to learn more about this carving set by Cuisinart.

As already mentioned that this is a 2 piece carving set consisting of a sharp knife along with a handy fork all made of top quality stainless steel. The carving knife set has over sized stainless steel rivets along with full size tang blade that stretch to the entire length of the knife as well as the fork, giving it more strength and durability as compared to other low quality carving sets.

The handles in this 2 piece carving set have ergonomic design that offers comfortable grip and makes it a lot easier for you to carve the food the way you want. This carving knife set is dishwasher safe but to prolong its life and retain its elegant appearance, it is recommended that you always hand wash it after every use.

Where To Buy ?

The Cuisinart 2 piece carving set is available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special discount price.