Black Spice Rack - Stainless Steel Spice Rack Set


When used in the correct proportion, spices can improve the taste of food. For those who have a collection of many spices, this Black Spice Rack from Olde Thompson will be a great and handy addition to your kitchen gadgets. Continue reading below to learn more about this spice rack set.

This is one of the best counter top spice rack that offers a lot more than just being a spice rack. The entire rack is a rigid stainless steel construction which makes cleaning very easy and saves time. This spice rack kit contains 20 glass jars for storing your spice collection. Each jar can store up to 3 oz of spices. The great part about this stainless spice rack kit is that all the 20 spice jars come filled with their respective spices. These spices include :

  1. Basil
  2. Bay leaves
  3. Caraway
  4. Celery seed
  5. Chives
  6. Cinnamon
  7. Coriander
  8. Cumin
  9. Fennel
  10. Ginger
  11. Italian seasoning
  12. Marjoram
  13. Oregano
  14. Parsley
  15. Paprika
  16. Rosemary
  17. Sage
  18. Savory
  19. Sesame seed
  20. Thyme

This stainless steel spice rack has a very easy to carry handle which makes movement of this spice rack very convenient. Each spice jar has a chrome flip lid which makes pouring of spice effortless. Each lid is marked with the spice that is present in the jar so no guess work is required.

This black spice rack measures 14 x 12 x 17 inches. Ideal for placing on counter top along with other kitchen tools. Individual spice jars are also very easy to clean. Just remove the top lid and put under running tap of water.

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