Casserole Covered Dish


There are not many choices in casserole dishes that can be placed on stovetops, ovens, microwave, freezer and then placed on table for serving purpose. But this casserole covered dish manufactured by Pillivuyt has it all. Made with simplicity and perfection, this casserole dish is your one stop solution for all the above said purposes. Continue reading below to find more about this covered casserole dish.

Pillivuyt has been producing handcrafted culinary porcelain for over two centuries. They are located in France. All of their products are rated 10 when it comes to difficulty in manufacturing. Their porcelain is suited for almost all kinds of cooking ranging from stove tops and ovens to broiling and freezing and this casserole covered dish by them is also no different.

This covered dish for casseroles is made in round shape and has a 2.75 quart capacity. It has high walls to prevent splattering and the top lid is just about the perfect size to cover and seal the casserole while in oven, freezer or on a serving table. The walls of this casserole covered dish are made about the ideal thickness conducting heat uniformly and when the food is served in this casserole, the quality of heat retention is near to perfection. The food either hot or chilling, retains its temperature for longer durations provided that the top lid remains in place.

Other features for this casserole covered dish include two tidy carrying handles for moving the casserole dish. Another plus for this dish is that it is 100% dishwasher safe and unlike other low price porcelain dishes, it will not wear and tear after continuous washing. Remember that Pillivuyt products are highly durable to be used daily and when taken proper case of you will not be required to purchase the same item again.

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