Commercial Stockpot by Sitram


When looking for a commercial grade stock pot, few important aspects should never be overlooked. The gauge of the stockpot i.e the thickness of its walls, its size and body material. When looking for a commercial purpose stockpot, Sitram commercial stockpot comes at the top for its durability, simplicity in design and long lasting body preferably for round the clock cooking specially in restaurants, catering services and even homes. Continue reading below to find more about the Sitram stockpot.

It is a complete stainless steel stockpot with 16.5 L capacity and that is some more space than a 16 quart stockpot. This commercial stockpot by Sitram is large enough to make over 4 gallons of stock, soup, sauce, stew, pasta etc. The stockpot is 11 inches in diameter and the bottom is made of 1/4 inch of aluminum base that is sandwiched between stainless steel layers. The aluminum is used for even heat distribution and prevention of any possibility of hot spots which will burn the food and make it stick to the bottom.

Only top quality of stainless steel is used in the making of this commercial stockpot consisting of 18% chrome and 10% nickel. From top to bottom, the stockpot gives a very elegant appearance due to the shiny surface. Other features in this stockpot include two large carrying handles which are as well made of stainless steel. These handles are welded in to the stockpot from outside and this eliminates any chances of creating a food trap inside the stockpot.

Usually this commercial stockpot by Sitram does not come with a covering lid as many professional chefs do not require any while some do need to cover their stockpot when cooking takes longer or when the food it left to simmer for hours. In this case, you can order a 11 inch stainless steel covering lid separately.

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