Denby Mug Set for coffee, tea etc


Few days ago we posted a review on stoneware bowl set by Denby and today we have Denby mug set. Another classical pattern of stoneware mugs with a modern touch of craftsmanship and elegance. Continue reading below to learn more about this mug set by Denby.

These stoneware mugs are manufactured by Denby who have a history of more than two centuries of manufacturing quality pottery. They are located in Derbyshire, England and nearly all the products by Denby are renowned for their quality, durability and elegance. These stoneware mugs from them is also no different.

This Denby mug set is unlike other mug sets as each individual mug has a 0.4 L capacity. These are large mugs and you can use it for drinking tea, coffee or any other drink you like. These stoneware mugs are made very durable by constant nurturing and excellent craftsmanship. Every single Denby mug has identical appearance regardless of the fact that these mugs are crafted both by hands and machinery. Handles are made in such a way that they will never hurt your fingers. These have large carrying handles. This mug set by Denby has only 4 stoneware mugs so if you have a large family or you intend to serve more people in these, you may have to order more than one set.

Another advantage of using Denby stoneware mugs is that these are made 100% chip-resistant because of the way these are bonded together, you will never experience broken edges even if used daily. In fact Denby states that all their stoneware products are durable enough to be used daily and if taken proper care of these would last for years. Another plus with Denby mug set is that all the mugs are dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer safe. So if your coffee is not hot enough, you can put the mug in your microwave and let it warm up a bit without worry about damaging your stoneware mugs.

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