Electronic Pepper Mill - Electric Battery Operated Pepper Mill


The electric pepper mill shown above is unique in the sense that it is battery operated and does the job just like other expensive pepper and salt mills. We have listed down the features and ability of this electronic pepper mill. If you are planning on buying a similar type of pepper mill, make sure you know how these tools work. Continue reading below to learn more about this battery operated pepper mill.

This electronic pepper mill is manufactured by Trudeau and it measures 14.8 x 10 x 10.8 inches and weighs just 11.2 ounces, approximately 315 grams. This pepper mill requires 6 x AAA batteries in order to function. This electric pepper mill will work for both peppercorns as well as sea salt. It starts grinding when you tip it upside down and stops grinding when you place it in upright position. So this battery operated pepper grinder works on gravity and effortlessly grinds pepper and sea salt. Unlike other similar pepper mills, this one does not have any buttons on it. Although it has a small knob for selecting the fineness of ground pepper.

This electronic pepper mill has the best ceramic grinder that first cuts and then grinds. This ensures that pepper retains its freshness and the best possible flavor. This electric pepper mill has a very practical design and its effortless functioning makes it very popular. This battery operated pepper mill comes in many attractive color and finishes.

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