Round Dutch Oven by Le Creuset

A Dutch oven sometimes also referred to as a French oven is mostly used for cooking food slowly such as outdoor cooking while camping and during other outdoor as well as indoor festivities. Today our product in review is an Enamel Dutch oven by one of the two leading Dutch oven manufacturers, Le Creuset and the pot is a highly durable round Dutch oven which is backed by a lifetime warranty by its manufacturer. Continue reading below to find more about this Enamel coated Dutch oven.

It is a round Dutch oven which has enamel coating throughout its body which is made of very durable cast-iron material. Due to the use of cast-iron in this enamel Dutch oven, this pot distributes heat evenly and unlike other low quality Dutch ovens, it has the capability to retain heat for longer durations. This is the reason why this is the mostly used camp Dutch oven in USA alone.

This round Dutch oven by Le Creuset has a very sturdy top lid which fits in very tightly and is one of the reasons responsible for heat retention in this oven pot. You will not be able to achieve such heat retention in other low price Dutch ovens and this is one of the reasons why Le Creuset Dutch ovens have been gaining popularity for long and regardless of the way these pots have been used by thousands of consumers across the globe, none have ever complained over the quality of food that is cooked in these Le Creuset Dutch ovens.

Other features in this round Dutch oven includes temperature-resistant plastic knob for the top lid which is made to sustain temperatures as high as 450 F, ideal for those who plan to use this inside oven. Unlike many other camp Dutch oven, this one has loop handles which are very handy whey carrying this round Dutch oven which can be over 12 lbs in weight depending upon which size you order. This enamel coated Dutch oven has a 7-quart capacity and is 11 inches in diameter which is sufficient amount of space for cooking meals for couple of folks. If you do lot of camping then you can always use it as a camp Dutch oven and do not worry about its clean-up as this round Dutch oven is dishwasher safe.

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