Flatware Tray - All kinds of flatware trays

Flatware trays come in a variety of shapes and colors but they are usually made to fit well inside a standard size draw and helps in keeping your flatware set grouped together. A flatware tray may either be of fixed dimension or expandable to further accommodate your additional utensils. A flatware set is an inexpensive item of value anywhere in between $15 to $40 and are mostly made of wood. Below we have listed down five of the top selling flatware trays in the market.

J.A. Henckels International Flatware Tray (Fixed) :

Made of hardwood and measures 10.5(w) x 14.75(l) x 2.75(h) inches in dimensions, this is one of the top selling flatware trays as it is designed in a way to store separately up to 90 pieces of any flatware set. It will fit easily in any standard kitchen draw. Like any other tray, it has separate sections for spoons, forks, knives, teaspoons, salad forks and other spare sections for store rest of your tools see details ►

Beechwood Flatware/Cutlery Tray (Expandable) :

This is an expandable tray which can be expanded to a maximum of 23 inches in width and fits perfectly inside wide drawers. It measures 12-7/8(w) x 18(l) x 2-5/8(h) inches and weighs under 5 lbs. Made and carved out of pure beechwood which is the same wood sued for flooring and making holders for all sorts of heavy tools. Its finish is approved by FDA (food and drug administration) see details ►

Bamboo Flatware-Tray (Fixed) :

Bamboo is an environment friendly choice and it also extends the life your silverware. It has the natural dark bamboo color and it matches nicely with the rest of the kitchen appearance. It measures 17(L)x12(W)x2(h) inches only it is most suited for small to medium size drawers see details ►

Mountainwoods Walnut Flatware-Tray (Expandable) :

It measures 12.5(w)x15(l)x2.5(h) inches and has 5 separate compartments for storing your silverware set. When further expanded, it becomes 19.5 inches wide with 7 separate compartments for storing all kinds of utensils separately see details ►

Stainless Steel Flatware Tray (Fixed) :

Unlike other flatware trays, this one is made of stainless steel to match with your silverware set. It measures 12(w)x13.5(l)x2(h) inches in dimensions. It is made completely of stainless steel so it will never catch any rust and is also easy to clean see details ►