French Kitchen Canisters


Today we have picked a very simple yet very handy kitchen storage item, a French kitchen canister. The French canister shown above is by Le Creuset who is a renowned manufacturer of stoneware cookware and serveware products. Continue reading below to learn more about French kitchen canisters.

The reason why these are called French Kitchen canisters lies in their design. The French canister shown above is of medium size having 4 quarts of storage space. The Le Creuset canisters also come in small (2.5 quarts) B000NVQEMY and large (5 quarts) B0015UVLPM sizes. These canisters will hold tea, coffee, sugar, flour or anything else that needs to be kept free from moisture in an air tight case. These French canisters are available in red, cherry color and various other attractive colors.

The Le Creuset French canister is made with the help of high-fired stoneware that is further coated with non-porous glaze of enamel. This helps in prevention of odor absorption plus it also protects the canister from catching stains. As a result of enameled glazing, these French kitchen canisters are chipping-resistant. The top lid in every Le Creuset canister has a silicone seal to make sure the interior remains air tight and free from external air as well as moisture. These French canisters are also dishwasher safe and can also be washed by hands.

Where To Buy ?

The Le Creuset French canister is available at (with FREE shipping) with a special promotional offer that might end anytime.