Fruit Dispenser

Need a party display for fruits, then get yourself a fruit dispenser that has a lot more than what just a fruit basket offers. It is an attractive looking food dispenser which can contain dozens of small to medium size fruits and all displayed to the folks around. Continue reading below to find more about this attractive looking fruit display.

At the bottom there is a bowl that collects all the fruits that you add from the top of that swivel fruit stand. The stand is made of top quality stainless steel which is made of very durable thickness to withstand the weight of fruits inside. The bowl and the bottom is also made of stainless steel so cleaning this whole setup is a snap. Another plus of using stainless steel in the making of such fruit stands and dispersers is that these material never catch rust and offer a great degree of elegance.

When fruits are placed inside this fruit dispenser, this whole display of fruits become the center of attraction specially if you are using it in parties or buffet arrangements. This food stand is about the perfect size to accommodate different types and sizes of fruits. It can store apples, oranges, peaches etc. This whole spiral fruit basket measures 15″W x 27″H x 15″D.

This fruit dispenser can be used anywhere from meeting rooms, party tables, buffet arrangements, breakfast or any other place you could imagine. This sort of fruit arrangement will also invite kids to eat more fruit since they also look interesting when the fruit slides from top to bottom.

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