Turkey fryer thermometer


When it comes to deep frying food such as meat, optimum results are achieved by frying at recommended temperatures and this can only be achieved by means of a fryer thermometer. The one shown above is a turkey fryer thermometer which is good enough for nearly all kinds of deep frying tasks. It is a remote fryer thermometer. Continue reading below to learn more about this turkey thermometer.

This fryer thermometer is designed by Maverick Industries that has a history of creating all sorts of heavy duty thermometers for commercial and domestic sectors. This is a two unit thermometer and each unit is powered by 2 x AAA batteries that are provided with this thermometer. This turkey fryer thermometer remotely monitors the temperature of your fryer (oil) and tells you on its remote unit which can be as far as 150 feet from the fryer sensing unit. The advantage of two unit fryer thermometer is that you do not have to get close enough to read temperature readings.

Fryer Thermometer

The sensing unit has a 12 inch long heat sensing probe that will fit in almost all kinds of domestic and commercial fryer units. Attached to the metallic probe is the transmitter unit that will send wireless signals to the hand held unit.

The handheld unit in this turkey fryer thermometer is programmable which means you can set custom alerts on temperature ranges i.e. it will beep when the temperature is either below your set limit or it is above your set temperature. So in this way you can alter the heat of the fryer before it gets too late.

This deep fryer thermometer will tell you the actual oil temperature, the average temperature throughout the cooking process and it will also indicate cooking time which is a real handy feature not to be found in other bulky and high price frying thermometers.

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