Usually these are the Halloween baby costumes for infants or children just a few months old. There are many attractive looking costumes for babies such as animal themed, cartoon themed, superhero themed etc. If you are looking for slightly grown up kids then see the Halloween toddler costumes section. Most of the baby costumes can be obtained for less than $20. Below you will find some of the best selling baby costumes that are mostly suited for infants. You can also view the Halloween Store by where you will find thousands of Halloween costumes and other interesting items such as wigs, hats, makeup candy and many other items related to Halloween.

Animal Themes Baby Costumes

These are very cute looking baby costumes usually for infants to a couple months old babies. There are lots of costumes you can find in this category. You can find lion costumes, costumes for bears, rabbits etc. Halloween baby costumes with animal theme makes a baby look even more adorable.

Cartoon Halloween Baby Costumes

This is one of the top favorite baby costume category especially by parents. You will find most of the famous cartoon character costumes in it and the best part is that these are not very expensive and everyone loves it.

Classic Halloween Themed Baby Costumes

These are usually not the top favorite these days as these are the Halloween baby costumes with the classic Halloween theme of horror and these are slightly scary looking costumes but believe us, a scary baby costume is not even close to being called scary.

Holiday Themed Baby Halloween Costumes

These are the baby costumes for the holiday season and you will not be surprised to see many costumes of Santa and even some dear.

Superhero Baby Halloween Costumes

Usually these are the same as cartoon characters but superhero baby costumes are in great demand these days and parents prefer their baby dressed as a superhero such as Superman, Spider, Batman, Ironman etc. These are also not too expensive like many other baby Halloween costumes.

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