Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popcorn Popper is one of an economical popping machine which gives you 3-5 quarts of popcorn at a time. The machine design is also very ergonomic with simple assembly units. This Hot Air Popcorn Popper consists of a base unit, popping chamber and a butter melter / measuring cup.

The Presto Hot Air Popcorn Popper gives you 18 cups of popcorn in just under 3 minutes of time. The machine has limit of up to ½ cup of corns or kernels for one time and putting more than half a cup would result in overheating, smoking and scorched corns. To measure exactly the input kernel quantity Presto has butter melter which can also be used as measuring cup. In butter melter of this Presto Hot Air Popcorn Popper you can add soft butter if you want flavored corns otherwise you may leave blank.

The cleaning of this Hot Air Popcorn Popper is as simple as its design, you just need to wash the butter melter and cover with soapy water while the base unit and popping chamber can be cleaned via damp cloth. In order to increase its life you will have to prevent it from overheating, otherwise it will automatically shut off and may damage the thermostats.

If you look at its positive notes you would find that this Hot Air Popcorn Popper is much more economical and useful than other poppers or even microwave popcorns. The best thing is that it pops without oil so that you can 42% of calories as compare to microwave bag popcorns and another point is you can enjoy gourmet popcorns for a savings of up to 70-percent over microwave bags.

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