Chef's Choice M130 Professional Sharpening Stations

Features :

– Perfect Kitchen Knife Sharpener with Diamond abrasive.

– Most suitable for daily use by professionals and home cooks.

– Ability to sharpen, steel and strop all kinds of knives from miniature sports knife to professional chef knife.

– Works or serrated knives too.

– Flexible stropping disc that is hardened to provide durability and longevity.

– 3 Stage sharpening station for producing better results than factory sharpened knives.

– Angular guides for placing knives at the perfect angle required for sharpening.

– Has ON/OFF switch and stable feet to keep the station static when in use.

– Comes with a complete instruction manual.

– 3 year limited warranty – FREE shipping to U.S. – Buy Online.

Detailed Description

Have able to pay extra for sharpening knives after every few months is not the right way to go specially if month of your knives even cost less than what you pay for sharpening. This Chefs choice knife sharpener M130 will serve you as one of the best knife sharpener due to its powerful and effective 3-stage sharpening station. This toll is not only for professional chefs but will also be a great addition to your home kitchen appliance and will serve you for ever without wasting any further time any money to get your knives sharpened. Some of the handy features of this kitchen knife sharpener are highlighted below :

Electric Sharpener with 100% Diamond Abrasives :

This kitchen knife sharpener by Chefs Choice is one of the top tools that will help you keep your knives sharp all the time. Made from 100% diamond abrasive surface that woks on all brands and all kinds of knives, serrated and straight edge. Powered by 125 watts motor that spins the sharpening disc at ideal speed that is required for sharpening knives.

3-Stage Sharpening Station :

This Chefs Choice knife sharpener has three slots for placing knives, all serving a slightly differently purpose. The first stage uses 100% diamond abrasives and sharps the edges. This is the slot that you will be using most of the time no matter what time of work you do with your knives. The first time you will be using this stage, it is recommended that you sharp no more than 60 seconds and only 10 seconds when resharpening. The stage 2 slot is equipped with a super hardened miniature steel. This slot is non-powered and can also be used the the sharpener is powered OFF. This stage has ultra sharp microscopic teeth that develops shaving sharp edges. Equipped with a flexible stropping disc, stage 3 is used for polishing the edges to hair-splitting sharpness, after they have passed through stage 1 and 2 respectively.

Built-in Angular Guide for Placing Knives :

Unlike other sharpening tools, this kitchen knife sharpener come with an angular guide for FOOL-PROOF sharpening of knives. This guarantees that all the knives maintain the perfect angle that is required while sharpening.

Other Features :

– On-OFF Switch.
– Firm feet for keeping the sharpener stable while in operation.
– Available in there colors (white/black/platinum)

Price and Availability :

This professional kitchen knife sharpener initially came in the market with a list price over $300 but now this handy kitchen tool can easily be purchased from Amazon (with FREE shipping) at 50% discount price (black color), which is almost half the list price.

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