Legacy Corkscrew - Legacy Wine Bottle Opener


Nothing can be better than an antique Legacy corkscrew like the one shown below. It is an effortless piece of bronze corkscrew by Wine Enthusiast. Has the same old yet very effective lever mechanism for uncorking wine bottles with ease. Continue reading below to learn more about this Legacy wine opener.

This Legacy corkscrew is 8.5 inches in height and can easily be attached on edges of tables and counters. Other than this, this antique corkscrew can also be mounted on a stand, which is sold separately, and this makes it an even better countertop wine opener. This Wine Enthusiast Legacy corkscrew has the ability to remove all sizes of corks and that also includes bottles with flange tops.

The Legacy corkscrew has a very simple yet very effective lever mechanism that removes corks with ease. A simple pull of the handle will do the job for you. Either you use it as a counter top wine bottle opener or a standalone Legacy corkscrew. It is very easy to clean as well. Just use a piece of cloth to remove dust and that’s it.

Where To Buy Legacy Corkscrew ?

The Wine Enthusiast Legacy Cork Screw is available at Amazon.com (with FAST shipping) at a special 20% discount price.