Large BBQ tongs with wooden handle


The problem with most of the tongs that are made for bbq and grilling are not sufficiently long due to which they pose an open treat from flames and may cause severe burns if not handled with extreme caution. However these extra long bbq tongs shown above are an exception. These are made by Outset exclusively for BBQ and grilling tasks. Continue reading below to learn more about this long bbq tong.

These are scalloped bbq tongs that are just about the perfect size for outdoor as well as indoor grilling. These are 21 inches long with wooden handles that remain cool throughout the grilling process and are far better than bbq tong with metal handles. The rest of the tong is made of very fine quality stainless steel that will never catch rust nor corrode no matter how often you use it in the outdoors.

These long professional bbq tongs are designed to fulfill all kinds of bbq and grilling tasks such as transferring food from grill to the serving plate, flipping and changing positions to limit the amount of heat the food is exposed to. To further add to its handy appearance, there is a small ring attached to the handle of this long bbq long which can be used to hang it from a hook when not in use.

These Stainless Steel BBQ tong with extra long wooden handles are available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special discount price.