Sometimes a Halloween costume isn’t enough to get you in the mood of Halloween. This is where masks are used and most of the people out there spend more time searching for masks than for the costume. Masks for Halloween can some time be more expensive than the costume. Below you will find some of the best selling Halloween masks for men, women, kids and baby from the Halloween Store by There you can browse thousands of masks, costumes and many other items related to Halloween.

Men’s Masks For Halloween

Usually men’s masks are the best when it comes to variety as well as scary masks. There are thousands of Men’s Halloween masks that can be found in stores. Most of the best selling masks are shown above and most of them have the classic Halloween theme of horror while other masks for Halloween have themes of cartoons, profession as a well as super hero.

Women’s Halloween Masks

Usually there is not much variety in women’s masks as most of the masks are made up of feathers, quails and many other glittery stuff which suits both women and girls. Usually the average price for masks is $35 to $60 but some that masks that are really well made and look very real can cost you around $100. Some people do not distinguish between men and women Halloween masks so it is entirely up to you to either choose an entirely feminine looking Halloween mask or not.

Kid’s And Baby Masks For Halloween

Usually kids a have more variety in masks for the Halloween occasion. Kid’s masks could be of animal theme, carton theme, classic Halloween theme, Holiday theme, humorous theme, Period theme, profession theme, scary theme, Superhero or even Sci-fi themed costumes. Usually these are a lot cheaper than men and women masks and an average kid mask can cost you even less than $20, but some well made masks for Halloween have price tags of $50 and above.

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