Proctor Silex Slow cooker 33015Y is a 1.5 quart capacity cookware which is capable to prepare foods like; soup, casseroles, warm dips, sauces, and many more. The 33015Y Slow Cooker is a round-shaped slow cooker with following assembly:

  • 1-1/2-quart removable stoneware crock ,
  • Removable glass lid,
  • Base unit with stay-cool side handles, temperature control knob and power cord.

In some models, Lid Latch are also provided for more secure locking of lid. The crock of this Proctor Silex Cooker can be used as serving dish, so you can put it straight to the dining table after cooking or keep it in fridge to store leftovers with quick convenience.

How it Works?

The base unit is the main part having temperature control knob and power cord, when you plug-in the cord you will then need to turn the knob ON by setting it at High, Low or keep warm setting as per your requirement.

How it is Cleaned?

Since the glass lid and crock are removable parts, you could straight put in dishwasher but make sure they should be cooled to room temperature, otherwise they might break. While the base unit can be cleaned via soft damp cloth.

Where to Buy?

You could easily buy this Proctor Silex Slow cooker 33015Y from Amazon store at discount price of $19.07 with Free Super Saver Shipping.