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Today our product in review is not very familiar tool since its application is only found in the food industry and particularly in the candy and confection making sector. It is a Commercial grade candy slicer and cutter used for cutting and slicing large quantities of candies with ease and in a very short time. It is a product by Paderno (Italy) who has a history of nearly 80 years for producing quality cookware and kitchen utensils for the commercial sector. Continue reading below to learn more about this professional candy slicer.

Candy Slicer and cutter
The reason that makes this candy slicer superior than other similar products is its large cutting area which is 4 sq. ft. The cutting frame which contains sharp blades and the plate which will hold the candies, both measure 24 x 24 inch. The top frame easily slides and cuts any amount of candy placed on the board. The entire construction of this commercial candy slicer is of stainless steel so you are rest assured that your slicer will never catch rust and is also very easy to clean. This candy cutter comes with a total of 3 cutting frames each with large 2 feet handles which makes slicing and cutting very convenient and time saving. Plus you can order more cutting frames separately if required.

If you are linked with the candy and confection making industry and want to save time in cutting large quantities of candies then this Paderno Candy slicer is one great tool you can utilize. Throughout the world, demand of candies and confections vary and various holidays and occasions are triggering factor in their demand. Being able to produce large quantities of confections during those seasons could have a very positive impact on your annual turnover.

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