Commercial French Fry Potato Cutter


If you make lots of French fry each day or you make them very often then a French fry cutter is a must have tool. The one shown in the above photo is a French fry potato cutter by Weston. It is a very durable and sharp potato cutter with restaurant quality construction. Continue reading below to learn more about this French fries cutter.

This commercial grade French fry potato cutter measures 9.6 x 20.6 x 9.4 inches and weighs 13 lbs. The body is constructed by heavy duty cast iron while the blades and other components are made of top quality stainless steel. This is by no means a low quality and light weight French fry cutter as most of the customers have reported. Its long handle makes cutting potatoes very easy and effortless.

This professional French fry potato cutter has the capability of cutting up to 6 inch long potatoes into 3/8 inch French fries. If you have lots of French fries to make then this is a recommended tool that you should have. On average, this French fry cutter machine will turn up to 50 lbs of potatoes into French fries in just 60 minutes.

This French fry cutter can easily be mounted on any flat surface. All the components and blades can easily be detached for quick cleaning. Since stainless steel material is used in blades, you can rest assure that these will never catch rust or corrode. If you want to make thicker or thinner French fries with this machine, you can buy their respective blades. All the parts are easily available.

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