Professional Wok - Restaurant wok 14 inch

Today our product in review is the most widely used cookware specially in Asian and Eastern countries. It is a professional wok manufactured by Scanpan, who have been making commercial grade cookware for many decades. This professional quality wok is widely used as a restaurant wok because of its superior quality cooking and durability. Continue reading below to learn more about this wok.

This professional wok is manufactured in Denmark by no other than Scanpan, who have been in the the business of manufacturing cookware for several year and they also hold a reputation of manufacturing top quality cookware for restaurant use and their products are admired all over the world by professional chefs and many home cooks. This 14 inch professional wok by them has its whole body made of pressure cast aluminum which is perfect for uniform heat distribution and removing the possibility of any hot spot. The wok has a ceramic-titanium nonstick coating which is suitable for low fat cooking. Another advantage of using the ceramic titanium coating is that you can use metallic utensils on this wok without any worries as it will not harm your wok since it has been made very durable and is backed by a lifetime warranty by their manufacturer.

This restaurant wok has one stainless steel handle and one elongated helper handle which is also made of stainless steel. Both the handles are riveted into the wok and have a stylish matte/polish finish which gives this professional wok an elegant appearance. This wok is dishwasher safe but the manufacturer recommends that you hand wash it after every use. You can also place this wok in oven as it is oven safe up to 500 F. A wire rack is also provided with this restaurant wok which can be used for lots of purpose for example draining excess moisture from food, steaming food etc. You will also receive a set of wooden chopsticks with this wok.

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