Bottle Crown Sealer


For those who want to consume their remaining wine without compromising on taste and freshness, this bottle crown sealer will surely come in handy. It is an innovative product by none other than Screwpull who specializes in making all kinds of handy gadgets especially for wine lovers. Continue reading below to learn how this wine bottle crown sealer works.

It is a metallic bottle crown sealer available in black nickel or satin chrome finish. It has an approved food rubber seal that helps in preserving all the fizz and freshness of wines, champagnes etc. By applying this metal bottle crown sealer on your partially consumed wine bottles, you can keep it for few more days. The Screwpull wine bottle crown sealer keeps the wine inside free from external moisture as well as air while it also makes sure that the content inside retain its current state.

The Screwpull wine bottle crown sealer only measures 3x3x1.5 inches and weighs just 9.6 ounces. With this bottles seal placed correctly, you can even place your bottles on its sides without worrying about losing even a drop, thanks to the 100% effective rubber seal. This handy little gadget can serve for years provided that you always hand wash it and that is what the manufacturer recommends too.

Where To Buy Bottle Crown Sealer ?

The Screwpull Metal Bottle crown sealer is available at (with FREE shipping) at a special discount price till stock lasts.