Serving trays come in various varieties and depending upon the way they are to be utilized, they can be either disposable or non-disposable. Trays are meant for carrying food from cookware to the table in order to be served to the audience. Below you will find various categories of serving trays that are used these days. Type include Party trays, Restaurant trays, Decorative trays, Plastic trays, Wooden trays, Silver trays and Catering serving trays.

Party Serving Trays

Party serving trays can either be simple or decorative depending upon the venue. For example if these are to be used for special occasions such as weddings then these may also be decorative and in large sizes. The most common type of party trays are the tiered ones which have multiple levels of trays similar to the ones shown above. These trays can either be used for tea party or any other party for serving foods such as fruits, cookies, salads etc. These trays when placed prominently become the center of attraction. For parties taking place in homes only 2-3 such trays are required but you will also find more quantities where there is a huge gathering.

Restaurant Serving Trays

In restaurants food is served in both trolleys and serving trays. Most of the fast food restaurants use plastic serving trays while other high profile restaurants use metallic trays for serving food. Depending upon the size of a restaurant, these are bought in bulk, usually a few serving trays per table. Usually plastic trays are cheaper and are bought in more quantity as compared to metal serving trays that last longer.

Decorative Serving Trays

Another most sold serving trays type are the decorative serving trays that are mistaken for the tiered trays discussed above. These can be any type of trays from plastic to glass or metal. These trays are used for serving food directly without the use of other platters or bowls. These are used for serving desserts, salads, gravy etc.

Plastic Serving Trays

These plastic serving trays can either be divided or non-divided type. These usually come in a pack of dozen since they are cheaper and have limited life. These are bought in bulk as it is hard to find the same size/color/shape again. Advantage of plastic trays is that these are very light weight, durable enough and come in a variety of attractive colors to match with your dining arrangement.

Wooden Serving Trays

Usually the wooden serving trays are not very common and you will find these in places such as coffee shops, cafes and even in the homes of those who love wooden serveware. These are very durable, sometimes heavy but they look elegant specially if they match the rest of the dining arrangement.

Silver Serving Trays

The silver serving trays are one of the most prominent types specially in the Food service industry. Because of their shiny surface and elegant appearance, these are most widely used in the catering industry. These tend to last longer and require minimum maintenance due to easy cleaning. These silver serving trays can either be round or rectangular or in any other shape.

Catering Serving Trays

These types are mostly made of stainless steel and are usually simple in design. Catering serving trays are usually rectangular and oval but other shapes are also available. The stainless steel serving trays are the best when it comes to easy cleaning, durability and long lasting finish.