Silicone Rolling Pin


When it comes to making cake decorations or working with dough, a rolling pin is often used. The one shown above is a silicone rolling pin. This is a Sil Pin rolling pin which works just like ordinary rolling pins but offers a lot more than what other similar products do.

This is a complete silicone rolling pin with non stick rolling areas. This is very helpful since you will not be applying more flour to your dough because the dough won’t stick to the rolling pin. The rolling pin itself is 12 inches long and nearly 3 inches in height. The Sil Pin rolling pin has rubber handles which makes gripping and rolling very convenient.

The other best part about this silicone rolling pin is the use of ball bearings which making rolling tasks very smooth and effortless. The bearings are made of fine quality stainless steel so they will never catch rust. Compared to other similar rolling pins, this one is mostly preferred by pastry chefs and people who are involved in cake decoration. Cleaning this Sil Pin rolling pin takes only few seconds. Just use a damp cloth to clean it after every use.

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