Silicone Spatula set - Heat Resistant


Today our review product is a very simple yet very handy kitchen gadget, a spatula. It is a silicone spatula set from Tom Douglas collection of cooking tools. These are special multi-purpose silicone spatulas that every chef or home cook would love to have as these have heat resistant heads. Continue reading below to learn more about these silicone spatulas.

These are special silicone head spatulas that are best suited with other non-stick cookware. Each spatula has a logo of Tom Douglas. This is a 4-piece set of heat resistant spatulas consisting of:

  • 1 large spatula
  • 1 medium spatula
  • 1 spoon-heat spatula
  • 1 scraper spatula

All the 4 pieces in this silicone spatula set have heat resistant silicone heads that can sustain temperatures as high as 480 degree F. The handles are made of hollow stainless steel material that will never catch rust neither will it ever corrode. All the spatulas have loops at the end of handles that comes handy when you want to hang them anywhere in your kitchen.

All the silicone spatulas are very easy to clean by hands and are also dishwasher safe. The chocolate color silicone heads will attract many kids towards mixing food such as batter, sauces etc. The small sized spatula is best suited for young kids as it fits nicely in small hands.

Where To Buy?

The 4-piece Tom Douglas silicone spatula set is available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special 30% discount price.