Stone Mortar and Pestle


When it comes to mortar and pestle purchase, most of the people prefer a stone mortar and pestle. The reason behind this is simply the durably and sturdy granite stone that give better results than metallic and marble mortar and pestles. This mortar and pestle is a product by ImportFood and it is made in Thailand. Continue reading below to learn more about this handy cooking tool.

This stone mortar and pestle is made from granite store and it is ideal for crushing and grinding nuts, seeds, curries, pastes, sauces, pestos etc. This mortar pestle is made from the finest raw material and is carved from a single block of granite. That is why this stone mortar pestle will never crack or chip no matter how frequently you use it. This handy kitchen tool is available in three different sizes:

This Stone mortar and pestle is a 100% handmade product and no machinery is used in its making. It looks great on counter tops and your friends and family members will definitely be asking you about this sturdy looking tool. Many people use it for peppers and herbs but you can mash and ground almost anything with the help of this stone mortar pestle.

This granite mortar and pestle weighs around 12 lbs and will remain stationary no matter how hard you pound on it. Many people are adopting the use of this handy cooking tool as the taste of herbs and spices that are ground in a stone mortar and pestle tastes amazingly better than the ones ground in an electric grinder.

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