Crispy Fired Chicken

Preparation time (approx) : 20 mins | Serves 4 persons

Fried chicken is a popular item specially at fast food restaurants and when we talk about KFC food , the first thing that comes in mind is their yummy chicken . All age people like this crispy fried chicken. It is very easy to cook at home because it requires very little spices. To make this exactly like KFC’s chicken , we can coat the chicken pieces in flour and then fry the chicken . Detailed instructions and list of ingredients are below

1 Chicken breast (make 4 thin slices of it)
1 cup rice flour
1 cup corn flour
½ cup plane flour
1 tspn mustard powder
1 tspn black pepper
1 tspn salt
½ tspn Chinese salt
1 tspn chicken powder
1 tspn baking powder
2 eggs
Oil for deep frying

1 tspn black pepper
1 tspn salt
1 tbspn white vinegar

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1. In a bowl mix well rice flour, plane flour, corn flour, mustard powder, salt, pepper, Chinese salt, baking powder and chicken powder ( best way is to cover the bowl and shake it well).
2. Marinate the chicken slices in vinegar pepper and salt and leave for 10 minutes.
3. In a separate bowl beat eggs, now fold the chicken slice in flour mixture, then in egg and again in flour mixture and leave for 2 minutes so that all the flour dust settle on the chicken slice.
4. Heat the oil gently in deep frying pan and fry the chicken slices till it become golden brown and crust forms on it.

Present it with tomato ketchup and chili garlic sauce and fries. You can also try my KFC cole slaw recipe and it tastes really nice with this recipe .

Tip: Double coating with flour is necessary to make crust on the chicken.