Category: Shrimp Recipes

Barbecue Shrimp

Preparation time : 40 mins. | Serves 3-4 persons This barbecue shrimp recipe is not only prepared...

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Shrimp Balls

Preparation time : 20 mins. | Serves 15-20 ballsThese shrimp balls are one of easy snack to prepare at home. These balls are usually serves with ketchup or chili garlic sauce but I personally like mayo and ketchup sauce with...

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Healthy Shrimp Recipe

Preparation time : 30 mins | Served 4 persons This healthy shrimp recipe is prepared with chick pea and red onion sauce. You may use hummus sauce instead of chick pea puree to give it more flavor. This shrimp recipe is no more...

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Fried Shrimps Recipe

Preparation time (approx) : 10 mins | Serves 3 persons Fried shrimps tastes very similar to tempura but they are slightly spicy due to to addition of red chili powder to it. You can also make variations in this recipe according...

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