Tag: Chicken with Vegetables

Vegetarian Chicken

Preparation time : 30 minsw | Serves 4-6 persons This vegetarian chicken is prepared by using mashed vegetables including cabbage, spring onion, green/red chilies and tomatoes. This mixture of mashed vegetables gives unique...

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Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

Preparation time : 45 mins | Serves for persons Chicken pot pie is a modification of baked patties in which crust is used as outer covering instead of puff pastry and is shaped like a baking pie dish, while inside delicious...

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Chicken Jalfrezi

Preparation time : 35 mins | Serves 4 persons Jalfrezi is a pure Indian food in which marinated meat is cooked in gravy with vegetables, it is prepared with different types of meat like chicken, prawns, beef and mutton. Here is...

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Hot and Sour Soup Recipe

Preparation time : 1 hr. | Serve for 6 persons Soups are very common item for any winter dinner as appetizer. When people share their low fat recipes, soups are impossible to omit. Soup diet is very essential when one is looking...

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