Tag: Vegetable Salad

Cabbage Salad Recipe

Preparation time : 60 mins | Serves 4 persons This is one of a simple and easy cabbage salad recipe which requires few days to complete. There are very few ingredients used to make the dressing but tastes great. You may also add...

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Cole Slaw Dressing

Preparation time : 15 mins | Serves 4 persons This is another cole slaw recipe from recipedose, it is an original California Cole Slaw dressing in which you can add vegetables of your own choice. It is very easy to prepare in...

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Egg Salad Recipe

Preparation time : 10 mins | Serves 4 persons Salads, healthy and rich in vegetable nutrition are one of the best sources of vitamins and other vital minerals. When making salads with white meat or egg, they become a healthy...

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Spinach Salad Recipe

Preparation time (approx) : 5 mins | Serves 4-6 persons Spinach is an iron rich vegetable with other high nutritional values as well. In order to preserve its all nutrients it is better to use it as uncooked salad otherwise...

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7 Layer Salad Recipe

Preparation time: 30mins | Serves 10 persons Salads recipes are very easy to make and ingredients for most of the recipes of salads remain same.They differ only in presentation , dip or flavor used . Presentation of salad...

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