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Spanakorizo Recipe

Preparation time : 30 mins. | Serves 2 persons This Spanakorizo Recipe is nothing but a Spinach and Rice pilaf. It is one of a famous pilaf of Greek cuisine and is usually served with some roasted steamed chicken, fresh salad or...

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Spinach Omelet

Preparation time : 10 mins. | Serves 2 persons This Spinach Omelet is one of an easy, quick and...

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Palak Kofta

Preparation time : 80 mins. (approx.) | Serves 8-10 persons This palak kofta recipe is another...

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Spinach Lasagna

Preparation time : 60 mins | Serves 6-8 personsIn this recipe of lasagna spinach is used not only to make it more colorful and attractive but also it enhances the taste when it combines with minced meat. The stuffing of Spinach...

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Spinach Dip Recipe

Preparation time : 5 mins This is a low fat spinach dip recipe since cream is not used for making this dip. Sauce prepared by mayonnaise and yogurt makes this dip light yet healthy so that you take it with other snacks without...

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