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Meg Rivers offers you yearly subscription for monthly delivery of freshly baked cakes at home. When you order cakes online, you only have to pay once in a year and receive a different cake each month for a whole year. No matter which month your subscription starts, you will receive cakes for the next 12 months making it a year of freshly baked cakes from oven to your door step. In this package every month has a special cake as shown in the list below. Each of these 12 cakes are made in a 7 inch diameter pan that is 3 inch deep yielding approximately 5-8 servings. Ideal for tea time or any time snack.

Why Cakes ?

Cakes !!! The most attractive and favorite dessert all around the world. The popularity of cakes is mainly due to endless varieties in presentation and flexibility in baking which makes it suitable for every age people. For instance, children usually like to eat cream cakes having lots of toppings and decorations while elder people generally like plain cakes for tea time that has very little to no cream decoration. Besides this cakes are categorized according to occasions like New Year, Christmas, Valentine, Birthday Cakes, Anniversary cakes and many more events and occasions. These type of cakes require special techniques for decoration and also consume at lot of time so people prefer to buy these cakes from bakery or they simply order cakes online. Though plain cakes can be easily prepared at home but require lot of time so its hard for cake lovers to enjoy variety of cakes at home. But Meg Rivers one of the best names in mail order bakery has resolved this issue and you may easily enjoy variety of cake flavors every month at home.

List of 12 Cakes For A Year :

When you order cakes online, you want to make sure that each each cake is matched by its month i.e. you get the Christmas cake in December, your September is more enjoyable with the Victoria Sponge cake and the same applies for the rest on the months to come…

  1. January: Lemon Curd.
  2. February: Hazelnut & Chocolate.
  3. March: Cherry & Almond.
  4. April: Simnel.
  5. May: Coffee & Walnut.
  6. June: Double Orange.
  7. July: Lavender.
  8. August: Elderflower & Gooseberry.
  9. September: Victoria Sponge.
  10. October: Spiced Crumble.
  11. November: Ginger.
  12. December: Classic Christmas

This list is not fix and can be varied according to your wish, though some other online cake delivery retailers deliver your cake on call but Meg Rivers Cakes are special as they are freshly oven baked and delicious in taste due to usage of best quality ingredients. For cake lovers who want to enjoy different cakes at home this is one tasty subscription that you never wanna miss.

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You can easily subscribe this package of Meg Rivers Cakes and order cakes online via iWOOT for only £160 by paying one time delivery charges of £4.95. You must be living in UK to receive your monthly dose of freshly baked cakes.

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