Double Broiler 3 piece set 9 quart size

A double broiler really helps in making healthy and low fat food because of the fact that only steam is involved in the cooking process. Today our product in review is a Double Broiler by Browne-Halco. It is a round double broiler set which is available in many sizes. Continue reading below to find more about its features.

This 3-piece double broiler set consists of one bottom pan, one top pan and a heavy covering lid. The bottom pan is where you pour water which is then made to boil or simmer. The pan above that water pan is where you are supposed to cook your food or just melt frozen food such as fruits or mostly chocolate. And on the top comes the covering lid which has a large handle that makes removing the lid very convenient. Every inch in this Double Broiler set is made of aluminum which is one of the best one it comes to even heat distribution.

Another advantage of using aluminum in the making of this Double Broiler set was that it makes the set light weight and since there are two pans in this broiler set, it is not that heavy as compared to broilers made of other material.

Other features on this Double Broiler include carrying handles on both the pans and the outer ring on the smaller pan that contains food. This ring is responsible for tightening the gap between the two pans and prevents steam from escaping. This broiler has a 9 quart capacity and is also available in 8, 12 and 16 quart sizes.

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