Copper Braiser by All Clad

A Copper Braiser is in the top line when it comes to quick and uniform heat distribution. It has been recently gaining more popularity as not only professional but home cooks also demand braisers which have a thick copper core. The product that has been on top is the All Clad Copper Braiser which has a very elegant appearance. Continue reading below to find more about its features and how it attracts several cooking folks.

All Clad has been famous for producing top class stainless steel cookware and their products have been admired and used worldwide for decades. Despite the fact that there are many other manufactures that offer the same cookware for a much lower price but the quality and craftsmanship found in All Clad products is of no match and it has attained a permanent spot not only in the professional and commercial sector but also in kitchens of thousands of home cooks who take keen interest in cooking with elegance and style.

This All Clad Copper Braiser is in round shape and can not only be used for braising and other cooking tasks but it is also used for serving. It has a very thick copper core which allows you to quickly heat the food inside and due to the property of copper, it distributes heat uniformly throughout the braiser. This copper core is sandwiched between an interior and an exterior stainless steel layer which makes this braiser very easy to clean.
It has a top dome like covering lid which is heavy enough to retain all the aroma and heat inside the copper braiser. The lid and the braiser pan have riveted handles that always remain cool while the braiser is either on stove top or in oven.

This All Clad Copper braiser comes with a life time warranty and it is recommended to hand wash it every time after use to retain its elegant appearance and shine. Due to the stainless steel interior and exterior, this copper core braiser always remain rust free.

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