Atlas Pasta machine


For those who prefer to make their own authentic pasta like the Italians, this Atlas pasta maker will work like a charm for them. It is one of the best pasta machines you can get for the price. It is mostly suited for home pasta making but you can also use it for commercial purpose. Continue reading below to learn more about this manual pasta machine.

The Atlas pasta maker measures 8x8x7 inches and weighs only 6.7 lbs. It is a pure Italian pasta machine including a hand-crank with narrow and wide cutters to make more pasta in short time. It is a stainless steel pasta maker so you are rest assured that your pasta machine will never catch rust nor corrode plus the chrome plating further add to its shield and elegant appearance.

The Atlas pasta maker has nickel-plated pasta rollers that also resist corrosion as well as rust. This manual pasta machine has a very convenient pasta thickness adjustment dial that you can easily regulate and make pasta of 9 different thicknesses. You can even get additional attachments for making other style of noodles. For those who are inspired by Italian cooking and take keen interest in making their own pasta, this Atlas pasta maker will turn out to be one great present for any occasion.

With this stainless steel manual pasta maker you will be able to make ravioli, linguini, spaghetti and many other kinds of pasta dishes that will surely catch the attention of many food lovers as well as kitchen tool lovers.

Where To Buy ?

The Atlas Pasta maker is available at (with FREE shipping) at a special 15% discount price till stock lasts.