Best Food Commercial Strainer


You will not find many strainers that are made very durable especially for frequent use. This commercial grade strainer by Mafter is an exception. It is definitely the best commercial strainer you can get for the price and the quality of this strainer is only known when you grab it in your hands and use it for the first time. Continue reading below to learn more about this Mafter strainer.

Like other low grade strainers made of plastic and other materials, this one is made of Exoglass and is extremely durable. The entire strainer is made of one piece and that is why it is best suited in commercial kitchen environment in the hands of professionals who would be delighted with its performance. This commercial strainer is perfect for making salsas, creams, soups, jams etc. It has also been made heat resistant up to 430 F. It is 7-7/8 inches in diameter and the two hooks offer more stability and better hold on the pot or pan. The mesh is made of top quality stainless steel plus the wires that protect the mesh are also made from stainless steel. Handle loop allows you to hang this commercial strainer on a hook. This Mafter strainer is also dishwasher safe.

Where To Buy ?

The Mafter Commercial Strainer is available at Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special 10% discount price that might jump back to normal at anytime.