Countertop Wine Opener by Brookstone


This is a week for drink lovers particularly wine. Here is a special treat for those who find it a little tricky to remove their bottle corks all the time. It is a countertop wine opener with an elegant touch. Again this is a product by Brookstone. Continue reading below to learn more about this wine opener.

Unlike other handheld wine bottle openers, this countertop wine opener is for tabletops. Its smart suction ability keeps this wine opener securely and firmly placed on all kinds of countertops made of marble, wood, stainless steel etc. It works in the similar fashion to remove bottle corks with convenience. The lever mechanism in this tabletop wine opener is very easy to use and offers a very firm grip.

This tabletop wine bottle opener can be adjusted to accommodate wine bottles of all sizes so you are rest assured that this simple and very effective tool is enough for all kinds of wine bottles and you will not need to spend extra for other similar tools for a very long time. Accompanied with this wine bottle opener are a foil cutter and an extra worm. So this countertop wine opener comes with two worms each capable of opening up to 1000 bottles of wine.

The wine opener comes in elegant looking chrome finish and gets easily cleaned. When you want to store it, easily remove it for storing it in a cabinet or a draw. For those who drink wine more than often, this will turn out to be one great present they will be using for a long time.

You can easily buy this Brookstone Countertop Wine Opener from Amazon (with FREE shipping) at a special discount price plus a bonus promotional offer which might end anytime.